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USS Fletcher Reunion Group Membership Information

(Please email O.J. Palmer for information on joining the USS O’Bannon  Reunion Association)

USS Fletcher Reunion Group membership year runs from October 1st to September 30th.

Who can join?  
Membership in the USS Fletcher Reunion Group is open to any individual (including immediate family of that individual) who served aboard the DD-445, DDE-445 or DD-992. The veteran, if not currently serving, must have received an honorable discharge or be retired from active service. Former Fletcher crew members become Regular (voting) members of the group.  All others are eligible for non voting Associate membership. Please note that the spouses of Regular members do not need to join or pay dues separately. Widows and other family members of deceased Fletcher veterans can also join as Associate Members.

Can others join? 
Yes, Associate Membership (non voting) is open to anyone who is serving or has served honorably in any of the United States Armed Forces or who has a particular interest in the United States Navy considered to be helpful to the aims and purpose of the Fletcher Reunion Group. Regular members can recommend associate members.  

What are the benefits?
 Each member receives a membership card and quarterly newsletters and a membership roster. An electronic version in PDF format is also available to all current members. Your membership fee is used to support the Reunion Group’s activities and to pay for printing and postage costs associated with the newsletter and membership rosters as well as costs associated with our reunions.  Regular members have voting privileges in the Fletcher Reunion Group’s annual business meeting which is normally held on the morning of the last full day of each reunion.

What does it cost? 
Annual dues, $20 for Regular Members and $10 for Associate Members, due each October 1st. Dues can be mailed or paid in person at the reunion. Applicants who have never been members before can join for the balance of the first year for FREE. The term of the free membership expires on the next September 30th regardless when during the year the application was made.  Payment of normal dues is expected beginning the following year.  Members who attend the annual reunion usually renew at the members’ business meeting on the final full day of the reunion, even if the reunion is after October 1st.  Use the contact link below if you have questions. In order to reduce costs, the Reunion Group does not mail renewal notices so please make a note to yourself to pay your dues on time. All memberships expire on September 30th except when reunions take place in October, then the expiration is the last day of the reunion.

Are donations accepted? Yes, the Fletcher Reunion Group, Inc. gladly accepts donations of money or items such as photos, videos, books or other items related to either the DD/DDE-445 or the DD-992.  Use the contact information below to inquire about where to send donations or to ask about the tax status for making those donations.

Who do I contact with questions? Use the Contact Page or call 405-833-7372. Leave a message if there's no answer.

Form:  Click below to download or print the appropriate form, join.pdf is the standard renewal form, joinfree.pdf is for new members signing up for the first year free.  You’ll need the free Adobe Reader to view and print these forms.  You can also request a form be mailed to you.

USS O’Bannon Reunion Association membership is handled through their organization. Contact information will be published here soon. The USS OBannon group also incudes USS La Vallette.

Click here for the Renewal Form (Fletcher-only)

Click here for the New Applicants Form  (Fletcher-only)

New applicants who qualify for first year free membership (USS Fletcher group only) can email the following information instead of printing and mailing the form. Include the information below in an email and send to

Your name
Spouse name
Mailing address
Phone number (1 or 2)
Years served on board
Highest rank when on board
comments are optional

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