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Our long time Secretary, Buck Locke, has published to PDF our last newsletter which is available online here. There aren’t enough ways to thank him for his perseverance in keeping the newsletter running over the years, and to Judy for supporting him during that time. We love ya’, Buck and Judy!

Our newsletters are now published in PDF format and are made available online as soon as they are released. The archive for 2022 is here - 2023 here.

If you are filing for VA disability based on Agent Orange exposure, the following dates show the 15 times that Fletcher was deployed to Vietnamese waters. Keep in mind that to qualify, the ship had to be within 12 miles of the coast and on some of these sorties, we were in Yankee Station with aircraft carriers beyond that limit. The dates in parenthesis are dates that qualify for Blue Water Navy Agent Orange claims when we were well within the 12-mile limit and on the coast. There may be other dates when we were in closer, If you know of one that isn’t listed, let me know.

Nov 18 - 25, 1965 (gunline Nov 22-24)
Jan 16 - Feb 2, 1966
Dec 22, 1966 - Jan 10, 1967 (gunline Dec 25-31)
Feb 25 - Mar 8, 1967
Mar 30 - Apr 14, 1967
Mar 19 - Apr 6, 1968
May 1 - 12, 1968 (gunline May 1-6)
Jun 1 - 14, 1968
Jun 26 - Jul 12, 1968
Jul 24 - Aug 11, 1968
Dec 12, 1968 - Jan 10, 1969 (gunline & Market Time, Dec 24-Jan 10)
Jan 30 - Feb 8, 1969
Feb 18 - 27, 1969 (gunline Feb 19-24)
Mar 16 - 19, 1969
Apr 2 - 14, 1969

In our File area, you can find the deck logs for more details and proof that Fletcher was there. At the top of each day’s entry are morning, noon and evening positions which can be entered into Google Maps for location details for that day.

Photos from the USS Fletcher DD-992, 2000-2001 WestPac are now available for viewing.

All of the nine DD/DDE-445 cruise books that we have are being converted to high quality PDF format for your viewing pleasure. You can find them at this link. The older files will remain in place until all have been updated. Due to their much larger size, it is recommended that you download the files for offline viewing rather than trying to view them online. The 1957 and 1958 cruise books are for Destroyer Division 251 which includes USS Fletcher, USS Radford, USS O’Bannon and USS Carpenter.

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