Condensed from the original war diary by Earl Faubion

1 Jan - Underway at 0706 for extensive training exercises for upcoming Flintlock operation, provided A/S screen for numerous vessels, flagship APPALACHIAN.
2 Jan - Steaming as before on training exercises, screened transports anchored at San Clemente Island.
3 Jan - Steaming as before on training exercises.
4 Jan - At 0900 arrived off Oceanside, California as screen for transports disembarking Fourth Marine Division.
5 Jan - At 0800 screened transports entering San Diego, moored at 1327 in berth 21.
6 Jan - Underway at 0800 with REMEY, HOPEWELL, HARADEN, JOHNSTON, PORTERFIELD and LA VALLETTE, rendezvoused with DONALDSON, LEADER and S-18 for A/S exercise. Moored in San Diego at 1745.
7 Jan - Moored San Diego, routine upkeep.
8 Jan - Underway at 0700 with REMEY, HUGHES and ELLET for AA exercises, moored San Diego at 1813.
9 Jan - Underway at 0727 with LA VALLETTE and PORTERFIELD for AA exercises, moored San Diego at 1459.
10 Jan - Loaded ammunition at 0010, underway at 0618 with REMEY for A/S exercises with S-18, moored berth 21 in San Diego at 1655.
11 to 12 Jan - Moored as before, routine upkeep and prepared for sea.
13 Jan - Underway at 0654 with TF 53, enroute Lahaina Roads, Territory of Hawaii, assumed duty as screen for the transports. Formation includes CVL’s, BB’s and numerous other warships, auxiliaries and transports.
14 to 20 Jan - Enroute to Hawaii, conducted daily drills and exercises.
21 Jan - At 0300 the Task Force anchored in Lahaina Roads, commenced screening patrol. At 1750 moored alongside MILLICOMA outboard of STANSBURY and fueled, at 1830 Lt. Cmdr. John L. Foster USN reported on board (would assume command on 10 Feb), anchored at 2207 in Lahaina Roads, Territory of Hawaii.
22 Jan - Underway at 0052, relieved MACDONOUGH on patrol at 0132 west of Papawai Point, 0530 relieved by HULL, 0740 anchored, 1205 underway for A/S patrol during main body sortie, 1400 formed A/S screen on guide CALLAWAY. At 1600 joined by APPALACHIAN, DU PAGE, PHELPS and DEWEY, enroute Marshall Islands.
23 to 25 Jan - Enroute Marshall Islands.
26 Jan - Steaming as before, at 1223 refueled from NEOSHO, at 1401 went alongside SUMTER to receive 50 bottles of plasma, at 1442 delivered plasma to SANGAMON, 1720 left formation to deliver night orders to MOTIVE lagging behind due to engineering casualty.
27 to 28 Jan - Steaming as before.
29 Jan - Left formation at 1200 and joined Wotje Bombardment Group, LOUISVILLE, SANTA FE, MOBILE, BILOXI, MORRIS, ANDERSON, HUGHES, MUSTIN and RUSSELL, enroute to Wotje Island, Wotje Atoll, Marshall Islands.
30 Jan - Went to GQ at 0420, opened fire with group from 0642 to 0653 on shore targets, expended 125 rounds of 5” ammunition. From 0906 to 0957 opened fire with BILOXI on targets of opportunity, many targets were hit including buildings and a crane, expended 130 rounds 5” ammunition. At 1025 observed a Japanese shore battery firing at own ships, opened fire and first salvo appeared to be a direct hit, battery silenced, 7 rounds of 5” ammunition expended. Group ceased bombardment at 1100, only known casualty a direct hit on the bridge of ANDERSON. At 1201 took station on LOUISVILLE, 1805 rejoined TF 53, assigned to TG 53.6, at 1900 proceeded north of Wotje, then enroute Kwajalein Atoll. 

31 Jan
 - At 1100 arrived Roi Island, Kwajalein Atoll, at 1220 screen unloading transports. Fourth Marine Division seized and occupied Ennuebing, Millu, Ennugarret, Ennumennent and Ennubirn Islands.
1 Feb - Patrolling to west of transport area off Roi Island, at 1700 commenced patrolling off Mellu Pass.
2 Feb - At 0920 proceeded to rendezvous with TG 53.6, at 1030 took station on guide TENNESSEE, operated with carrier group as relief screen for DALE while she fueled, 2100 detached for from TG 53.6, proceeded with PORTERFIELD and HOPEWELL to Roi Island, 2330 commenced patrolling off Enneubing Pass.
3 Feb - At 0604 dropped one depth charge in approach to Mellu Pass as precautionary measure due to previously reported sound contact in that vicinity. AT 1010 relieved JOHNSTON, 1030 proceeded into Roi Lagoon and moored to GEMSBOK for fuel, 1323 stood out of lagoon, 1400 resumed patrol off Mellu Island.
4 Feb - Steaming as before, 1700 discontinued patrol, TU 53.13.1 with CALLOWAY, WARREN, SUMTER, BIDDLE, ELMORE, WAYNE, PORTERFIELD, HOGAN and HAMILTON, enroute to Funafuti, Marshall Islands.
5 to 8 Feb - Enroute Funafuti.
9 Feb - At 0002 contacted Funafuti Atoll, 0630 screened transports entering lagoon, 0850 entered Funafuti Lagoon, 0948 moored to SS STANDARD for fuel, shifted berth and at 1334 anchored in 21 fathoms of water.
10 Feb - Anchored as before, at 2000 Commander Robert D. McGinnis USN was relieved of command by Lieutenant Commander John L. Foster USN.
11 Feb - Underway at 0945, formed TU 53.13.2 with SS MISSION PURISIMA, SS FORT SUMTER, SS MECHANICSVILLE and PORTERFIELD, enroute to Majuro Island, Marshall Islands.
12 to 14 Feb - Enroute to Majuro Island, conducted daily AA burst firing practice.
15 Feb - 0418 contacted Majuro Island, 0815 screened Calalin Pass during entry of tankers, 1150 moored to PECOS for fuel, TG 53.13.2 dissolved, reported to Commander Service Squadron Ten for duty, 1345 anchored after fueling, 1800 assumed Majuro radar guard.
16 Feb - Anchored as before, 1800 secured from radar guard.
17 Feb - Anchored as before, at 1310 reported to Commander Task Group 51.5 for duty, NEW MEXICO, IDAHO, MISSISSIPPI, SCHROEDER, JOHN RODGERS, PORTERFIELD and FLETCHER.
18 Feb - Majuro Island, anchored as before.
19 Feb - 0730 underway, refueled from ESCAMBIA, anchored near NEW MEXICO, 1540 underway to patrol harbor entrance.
20 Feb - 0705 relieved from patrol by COMPETENT, 0730 screened Battleship sortie standing out of lagoon, formed A/S screen guiding on NEW MEXICO, enroute to Taroa Island, Maloelap Atoll, Marshall Islands to conduct bombardment, 1505 BatDiv 3 commenced bombardment with destroyers providing A/S screen, 1753 bombardment ended, no enemy opposition encountered, TG retired eastward for the night.
21 Feb - 0820 approached Wotje Island, 0921 BatDiv 3 commenced bombardment, fuel dump on fire, no enemy opposition encountered, TG retired eastward enroute to Majuro Island.
22 Feb - 1030 patrolled port flank of battleships entering Majuro Atoll, 1058 released from duty with TG 51.5, enroute with PORTERFIELD to Kwajalein, conducted AA burst practice firing. At 2000 PORTERFIELD was ordered by TF 51 to return to Majuro, FLETCHER continued independently to Kwajalein.
23 Feb - 0443 contacted Kwajalein, 0730 obtained charts of Gea Pass and Kwajalein Atoll from YMS-91, entered lagoon and reported to TF51 for duty, 0840 refueled from SCHUYKILL, 0949 anchored at ten minute readiness, 1535 underway to search for 2 native outrigger canoes sighted by search plane in the northern Namu lagoon possibly loaded with Japanese troops, 1630 commenced search assisted by 2 planes from CORREGIDOR, negative results.
24 Feb - 0600 discontinued patrol and returned to Kwajalein Lagoon, 0836 moored to SCHUYKILL for fuel, 0934 anchored in lagoon on ten minutes notice, 1543 underway on defensive patrol #1, four miles off Gea Pass.
25 Feb - 0730 discontinued patrol, proceeded independently to Roi Lagoon, Kwajalein Atoll, arrived at 1213 alongside CARIBOU for fuel, 1305 underway, 1325 anchored, 1600 underway as flagship for TG 51.19.6 with SANDERS, DONALDSON, SS RALPH BARNES and SS BERNARD O’HIGGINS to proceed to Eniwetok Atoll.
26 Feb - Enroute Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands.
27 Feb - 0700 screened transports entering Eniwetok Lagoon via Deep Entrance, 0937 anchored and reported to CTF 51.11 for duty.
28 Feb - 1053 underway for patrol duty, 1143 relieved HEERMAN on day patrol, 1800 assumed night patrol.
29 Feb - 0630 left night patrol and resumed day patrol, 1125 relieved by ALYWIN, 1236 entered Eniwetok Lagoon and refueled from GEMSBOK, 1353 anchored on one hour notice.
1 Mar - Anchored at Eniwetok, assigned to TG 51.11.
2 Mar - 1050 underway, 1150 relieved HAZELWOOD on day patrol, 2000 assumed night patrol off Eniwetok.
3 Mar - Off Eniwetok, 0600 assumed day patrol, relieved at 1200 by LE HARDY, entered lagoon and refueled at 1512 from GEMSBOK, 1607 anchored and assumed ready duty, relieved at 1725 by McCORD, placed main engines on 20 minute notice.
4 Mar - Eniwetok anchored as before, 1515 underway, formed TG 55.2.12 with TRATHEN, LE HARDY, SS RALPH BARNES, SS GABRIELE FRANCHERE, SS WILLIAM H. ALLEN and SS BERNARD O’HIGGINS, enroute to Pearl Harbor.
5 Mar - Steaming as before.
6 Mar - 0950 departed TG for Kwajalein to obtain emergency hospitalization for Lewis P. Hill, # 356 58 19, Cox, USN. At 1125 he died of an intra-cranial hemorrhage, reversed course to rejoin TG, 1550 resumed station.
7 Mar - Steaming as before, 1835 joined by RIDDLE.
8 Mar - Steaming as before.
9 Mar - Steaming as before, 1400 departed TG with TRATHEN enroute to Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands.
10 Mar - Enroute Majuro Atoll, conducted AA burst firing practice and simulated torpedo attack on TRATHEN.
11 Mar - 0734 entered Majuro Atoll, 0854 anchored on ten minute notice, many ships present in anchorage.
12 Mar - Anchored as before, 0936 shifted berth.
13 to 17 Mar - Majuro Atoll, anchored as before, routine upkeep.
18 Mar - 0635 underway, proceeded independently to Espiritu Santo, 1320 conducted AA burst firing practice.
19 Mar - (Due to a time change from plus 12 to minus 12 Time Zone this day was skipped.)
20 Mar - Steaming as before, 0936 conducted AA burst firing practice.
21 Mar - 0200 received orders to proceed to Purvis Bay, Florida Island, Solomon Islands instead of Espiritu Santo, 1352 conducted surface firing practice.
22 Mar - 0400 entered Indispensable Straits and proceeded via Sealark Channel to Purvis Bay, Florida Island, 1154 moored to MOBILUBE for fuel, reported to CTF 38 for duty, 1343 moored to O’BANNON on 12 hour notice, 1750 rearmed from WHITNEY.
23 to 27 Mar - Purvis Bay moored to O’BANNON, routine upkeep.
28 Mar - 0536 underway with TF 38 for AA training exercises, 1731 left formation with HOPEWELL for night torpedo attack exercises, 2025 rejoined TF and resumed station on ST. LOUIS.
29 Mar - 0900 took A/S patrol station 3 miles east of TF while it practice bombarded Rua Sura Island until 1430, resumed station on ST. LOUIS, 1539 passed through Sealark Channel, 1850 arrived Purvis Bay, moored to YO-162 outboard of SIGOURNEY for fuel.
30 Mar - 0740 underway to shift berth, 0750 anchored.
31 Mar to 1 Apr - Purvis Bay anchored as before.
2 Apr - 0626 underway, 0800 degaussing check on Tulagi range, 1115 commenced exercises, 1620 returned to Port Purvis, moored to YO-164 for fuel, 1712 shifted berth, 1737 moored to RADFORD on 12 hours notice.
to 4 Apr - Purvis Bay, moored as before, routine upkeep.
5 Apr - 0857 underway with DesRon 21 less HOPEWELL and LA VALLETTE enroute to Milne Bay, New Guinea, CDS 21 in NICHOLAS. At 1300 conducted AA sleeve firing practice, 1630 DesDiv 42 formed column on FLETCHER, 2000 practiced night torpedo and gunfire attack on DesDiv 41, 2125 secured from drills.
6 Apr - Enroute Milne Bay, 0530 surface tracking drills on TAYLOR and JENKINS, 0900 to 1115 squadron tactical exercises, 1300 AA burst firing practice, 1941 night torpedo attack drills.
7 Apr - 0630 transited China Strait and entered Milne Bay, 1130 moored to SS BIRCH COULIE in Gili Anchorage, Milne Bay, New Guinea, 1230 fueled, 1526 shifted berth, 1544 anchored in Stringer Bay.
8 Apr - 0745 underway with DesRon 21 enroute to Cape Sudest, New Guinea, CDS 21 in NICHOLAS, 0755 passed through Raven Channel, 0816 entered Goschen Strait, 1031 contacted unidentified plane at 14 miles, went to GQ, 1035 plane identified as friendly, 1622 anchored at Cape Sudest, New Guinea.
9 Apr - Cape Sudest, anchored as before, 1725 underway, 1815 moored to TRINITY for fuel, 1924 underway, 2009 anchored on 90 minute notice.
10 Apr - Cape Sudest anchored as before, at 1200 became part of TG 77.4.3, FLETCHER, MURRAY, LONG BEACH and GLENDALE.
11 to 12 Apr - Anchored as before, routine upkeep.
13 Apr - 0628 underway, 0800 moored alongside DOBBIN at Oro Bay for installation of radio equipment.
14 Apr - Oro Bay, moored to DOBBIN.
15 Apr - 1040 underway to Cape Sudest, 1229 anchored on one hour notice.
16 Apr - Cape Sudest, anchored as before.
17 Apr - Cape Sudest, anchored as before, 1254 underway, 1329 moored to TRINITY for fuel, 1513 underway, 1535 anchored on one hour notice.
18 Apr - Cape Sudest anchored as before, 1650 underway enroute to Cape Cretin as CDD 42 with MURRAY, LONG BEACH and GLENDALE.
19 Apr - 0648 detached from TU, proceeded independently to Cape Cretin, other ships patrolled off harbor entrance until TG 77.4 sortie, 0730 lying off harbor entrance, CDD 42 left for CENTAURUS, 1005 CDD 42 returned, 1016 delivered mail to MURRAY, LONG BEACH and GLENDALE, 1239 formed screen ahead of TU 77.4.3, 1500 TU’s 77.4.1 and 77.4.2 joined, formed TG 77.4, FLETCHER, MURRAY, LONG BEACH, GLENDALE, VIRGO, JOHN RODGERS, STEVENS, CORONADO, HARRISON, McKEE, SAN PEDRO, CENTAURUS, BOOTES, ORMSBY, HARRY LEE and 18 LST’s.
20 to 21 Apr - Steaming as before, conducted daily weapons firing exercises.
22 Apr - Steaming as before, 1223 sighted Japanese Betty bomber 13 miles distant, went to GQ, 1315 lost contact with plane, 1545 TU 77.4.3 departed from other units of TG 77.4, set course for Aitape, New Guinea.
23 Apr - Steaming as before, 0258 contacted Tumleo Island, 0500 GQ, 0545 transports left formation, 0620 main battery opened fire on Japanese installations on Ali Island, 0625 ceased fire, 0631 opened fire on Seleo Island, 0644 ceased fire, total ammunition expended 360 rounds five inch AA common. Bombardments were in support of landing on Ali and Seleo Islands by the 127th Regimental Combat Team. No counter battery or enemy opposition encountered, 0700 first waves of landing force landed without opposition, 0920 ordered to investigate possible shore battery on Angel Island, 0944 investigation completed no battery observed, 1926 stood out of Aitape Roads to rendezvous with units returning to Cape Cretin, 2215 formed screen ahead of TU 77.4.3. Main body CENTAURUS, ORMSBY, HARRY LEE, 8 LST’s, 2 SC’s and 3 YMS’s. Screen FLETCHER, JENKINS, GLENDALE, LONG BEACH, KANE, NOA, WARD and SCHLEY.
24 Apr - Steaming as before, test fired automatic weapons.
25 Apr - Steaming as before, 2338 Buna group took departure from remaining units of TU 77.4.3 off Cape Cretin and enroute Cape Sudest. Ships present: CENTAURUS, ORMSBY, HARRY LEE, FLETCHER (CDD 42), JENKINS, LONG BEACH and GLENDALE.
26 Apr - 0935 entered Buna Roads, New Guinea, 1034 anchored off Cape Endaiadere, TU dissolved, 1335 underway, 1358 moored to TRINITY outboard of STEMBEL, fueled, 1706 underway, 1749 moored to PYRO to offload obsolete ammunition and load new ammunition and powder, 2120 underway and anchored in Cape Sudest on 30 minute notice.
27 Apr - Cape Sudest anchored as before, routine upkeep.
28 Apr - 0655 underway for Cape Cretin with STEVENS, HARRISON and McKEE, 1200 proceeded independently to Cape Cretin, remaining units patrolling, 1300 lying to off the Cape, CDD 42 left the ship and returned at 1349. At 1357 proceeded to rendezvous off Langemak Bay with main body. Joined by EPPING FOREST, CARTER HALL, GUNSTON HALL, 1500 took departure for Humboldt Bay, Dutch New Guinea. 2310 contacted unidentified planes, GQ, 2332 lost contact, secured from GQ, formed A/S screen.
29 Apr - Steaming as before.
30 Apr - 0620 main body entered Humboldt Bay, screen patrolling during unloading, 0820 main body stood out of Humboldt Bay, enroute Cape Cretin, 1655 contacted unidentified plane 36 miles distant, GQ, 1718 lost contact, secured from GQ, formed A/S screen.
1 May - Enroute Cape Cretin British New Guinea with Echelon R-7, 1015 contacted unidentified plane, GQ, later determined to be friendly, 1714 took departure from main body to enter Cape Cretin independently, 1806 screen was recalled to protect main body through the night.
2 May - 0001 reversed course and headed for Cape Cretin, 0530 TU was dissolved, main body entered Cape Cretin, screen formed aft of FLETCHER enroute to Cape Sudest at 25 knots. 1224 anchored off Cape Sudest, 1247 underway, 1318 moored to TRINITY for fuel, 1624 underway, 1650 anchored Cape Sudest on 30 minute notice.
3 to 7 May - Anchored as before, routine upkeep and provisioning.
8 May - Anchored as before, 1720 CDD 42 left the ship for LA VALLETTE, 1754 underway and formed TU 76.1.99 (DesRon 21 less TAYLOR and JENKINS) and formed screen for TU 76.12.92 made up of 11 LST’s. TU commander CDS 21 in NICHOLAS, enroute to Russell Islands.
9 May - Enroute Russell Islands, 1507 formed column astern of NICHOLAS for passage through Dawson Strait, 1630 formed A/S screen.
10 May - Steaming as before, 1000 conducted radar calibration firing practice.
11 May - Steaming as before enroute Russell Islands.
12 May - 0551 screen less NICHOLAS commenced patrol 3 miles off entrance to West Bay, Russell Islands, main body plus NICHOLAS entered West Bay. 1000 TU dissolved, 1007 joined by NICHOLAS, DesRon 21 less TAYLOR and JENKINS enroute to Noumea at 22 knots.
13 May - Enroute to Noumea, 1118 test fired 24 rounds of Mark 32 five inch ammunition, 2022 commenced night tactical exercises, 2109 completed exercises.
14 May - 0800 formed column astern of NICHOLAS, 0840 entered Bulari Passage, 1000 traversed degaussing range and passed, 1005 docked at Nie Anchorage in Great Roads, Noumea, New Caledonia.
15 to 21 May - At Noumea for upkeep, rearming and provisioning and to paint ship in new camouflage.
22 May - 0547 underway with RADFORD, JENKINS, LA VALLETTE enroute to Blanche Harbor, Treasury Islands, CDD 42 in FLETCHER, 1334 main battery offset calibration practice, 1635 JENKINS left on detached duty.
23 May - 0800 all weapons AA practice, 1100 RADFORD left to proceed to Kali Point, Guadalcanal and rejoin at a later date, 1432 main battery offset firing practice.
24 May - Steaming as before with LA VALLETTE, 1857 fired night illumination practice.
25 May - 0800 main battery offset firing practice, 1051 entered Blanche Harbor, Treasury Islands, via West Entrance, 1131 moored to KANGAROO for fuel, 1416 underway, 1435 anchored on 10 minute notice.
26 to 28 May - Anchored as before at Blanche Harbor, Treasury Islands.
29 May - 1050 underway with DesDiv 42 to rendezvous with TG 30.4 at Longitude 150 E on the Equator, contacted several unidentified planes throughout the night later identified as friendly, 2330 passed DesDiv 41 on opposite course.
30 May - Steaming as before.
31 May - 0155 made sound contact, 0159 lost contact, 0232 discontinued efforts to regain contact which was believed false, 0600 reported to CTG 30.4 for duty, composed of HOGGATT BAY, DesDiv 42, SPANGLER, GEORGE, RABY, ENGLAND and PBY’s based at Emirau, 0630 relieved DesDiv 93 as carrier screen, 0718 went alongside HOGGATT BAY for guard mail, 0740 delivered mail to RADFORD, JENKINS and LA VALLETTE, 0815 resumed station in screen.
1 Jun - Steaming in company with TU 30.4.1 and 30.4.2 on A/S search and destroy mission.
2 Jun - 0005 joined by TU 30.4.3, 1700 left for Seeadler Harbor, Manus Island.
3 Jun - 0845 entered Seeadler Harbor, TU 30.4.2 dissolved, DesDiv 42 reported to Commander Seventh Fleet for duty, 0942 anchored, 1213 underway, 1306 moored to LEOPARD for fuel, 1441 underway, 1510 anchored.
4 Jun - 1223 underway with DesDiv 42 enroute to Humboldt Bay at 27 knots.
5 Jun - 0402 arrived off Humboldt Bay and commenced patrolling off the entrance, 0630 entered the bay and went alongside VICTORIA for fuel, 0940 underway, 0959 anchored, 1950 underway to rendezvous with TF 74.
6 Jun - 0938 fell in with combined Task Forces 74 and 75, HMAS AUSTRALIA, NASHVILLE, BOISE, PHOENIX, DesRon 24 less BUSH plus TRATHEN, DesDiv 42, HMAS ARUNTA and HMAS WARRAMUNGA. 1013 went alongside AUSTRALIA for guard mail, 1100 went alongside JENKINS, RADFORD and LA VALLETTE in succession to deliver guard mail, 1116 DesDiv 42 formed A/S screen, 1823 entered Humboldt Bay, Dutch New Guinea, 1910 went alongside AUSTRALIA for fuel, 2130 underway, 2144 anchored on 15 minute notice.
7 Jun - Humboldt Bay at anchor, 0214 unidentified planes in area, GQ, 0251 all clear, remained at anchor through the day, 2256 underway with combined Task Forces 74 and 75 less NASHVILLE to patrol north of Biak Island to intercept equal or inferior enemy forces attempting to reinforce Biak.
8 Jun - Steaming as before, 1433 sighted enemy plane 16 miles distant, 1516 lost contact, 1945 DesDiv 42 formed column 6000 yards ahead ahead of fleet, 2319 surface contact with group of Japanese ships at 23,400 yards, 2323 the enemy changed course away and made smoke, ships sighted visually and identified as Japanese destroyers, a torpedo was reported passing astern of BOISE, 2328 DesDiv 42 and 47 were ordered to attack.
9 Jun
 - 0000 FLETCHER is the lead ship in pursuit of Japanese destroyers, speed 35 knots, exchanged fire with the enemy, 0212 hits observed on one of the enemy vessels, 0228 ordered to discontinue pursuit, expended a total of 488 rounds of five inch ammunition, 0900 fell in with the remainder of Task Forces 74 and 75, DesDiv 42 provided A/S screen, 2158 reversed course to return to patrol north of Biak Island.
10 Jun - 0117 left patrol area north of Biak, 1100 cruisers entered Humboldt Bay, 1340 entered the Bay and went alongside AUSTRALIA for fuel, 1744 underway, 1754 anchored on 15 minute notice.
11 Jun - 0535 underway, 0600 moored to PYRO to load ammunition, 0813 underway, 0831 anchored, 1140 underway enroute Seeadler Harbor, Manus Island with AUSTRALIA, HUTCHINS, BEALE, RADFORD and JENKINS, 1218 formed A/S screen.
12 Jun - 0926 destroyers less HUTCHINS formed column astern of FLETCHER, 0928 conducted AA burst firing practice, 1033 formed A/S screen on AUSTRALIA, 1445 patrolled astern of AUSTRALIA during entry into port, 1523 entered Seeadler Harbor, 1600 detached from TF 74 and reported to TF 76 for temporary duty, 1629 moored to DOBBIN for emergency repairs to torpedo tube mount and a five inch gun mount and to obtain provisions and ammunition.
13 Jun - 0921 underway, emergency repairs were not completed, 0959 anchored, 1755 underway with RADFORD and JENKINS at 21 knots enroute to Humboldt Bay.
14 Jun - 0859 conducted monthly test firing of Mk 32 projectiles, 0920 conducted practice firing at starshell bursts, 1330 entered Humboldt Bay and anchored on 15 minutes notice.
15 Jun - 0731 underway, 0819 moored to SS BISHOPDALE for fuel, 1018 underway, 1058 anchored in Hollandia Bay, New Guinea on 15 minutes notice.
16 Jun - Anchored as before, 1445 underway with RADFORD, LA VALLETTE, GRAYSON, SAN PEDRO, SS CHARLES RUSSELL and 7 LST’s enroute to Biak Island, formed convoy, 1635 test fired automatic weapons, 1825 joined by WILKES and one LST.
17 Jun - Steaming as before, 0620 joined by JENKINS and 2 LST’s.
18 Jun - 0230 GRAYSON, WILKES, SAN PEDRO, SS CHARLES RUSSELL and 2 LST’s left formation to proceed to Mios Woendi, 0640 arrived off Bosnik, Biak Island, convoy proceeded to beach, commenced screening to seaward of unloading area, 1700 convoy reformed enroute to Humboldt Bay, 2025 joined by GRAYSON and one LST.
19 Jun - Enroute Humboldt Bay, 0630 LA VALLETTE and 2 LST’s left formation for Wakde Island and rejoined the formation at 2130.
20 Jun - 0630 convoy entered Humboldt Bay and disbanded, 0734 moored to SS BISHOPDALE for fuel, 0857 underway, 1022 anchored on 15 minutes notice.
21 Jun - Anchored as before, 1742 underway to shift berth, 1806 anchored on 15 minutes notice.
22 to 23 Jun - Humboldt Bay, anchored as before.
24 Jun - 1230 underway to compensate magnetic compasses, 1609 test fired automatic weapons, 1613 entered Hollandia Bay, 1701 moored to SS BISHOPDALE for fuel, 1740 underway, 1753 anchored on 15 minutes notice.
25 to 28 Jun - Hollandia Bay, anchored as before.
29 Jun - Anchored as before, 1730 underway with MORRIS, GRAYSON and RADFORD escorting 4 LST’s to Toem, New Guinea.
30 Jun - 0830 screened main body which entered Toem anchorage, 1100 entered anchorage, 1129 anchored, 1219 underway with TF 77 to seize and occupy Japanese held Noemfoor Island, 1823 on A/S screen. Ships present: FLETCHER, REID, MORRIS, HUGHES, RUSSELL, MUSTIN, GRAYSON, RADFORD, JENKINS, LA VALLETTE, STEVENSON, STOCKTON, SWANSON, HOBBY, WELLES, YUMA, 16 LCI’s, 8 LST’s, 13 LCT’s, 40 LCM’s and 3 PC’s.
1 Jul - Steaming at 8 knots in company with Echelon T-1 enroute to Noemfoor.
2 Jul - 0537 went to GQ in preparation for bombardment in support of landings on Noemfoor, 0634 took up bombardment station, 0737 main battery opened fire on center of Kamiri airstrip, 0755 ceased fire, expended 592 rounds of 5” AA common, 540 rounds of 20mm and 140 rounds of 40mm ammunition. 1021 left formation with LCI Flotilla 7 and proceeded to Mios Woendi, LCI’s unable to anchor so they returned to formation, retired to westward for the night.
3 Jul
 - 0742 LCI’s left formation and entered Mios Woendi Lagoon, 0733 RADFORD delivered mail, 0745 enroute to Humboldt Bay with RADFORD, at 1200 RADFORD left for Wakde Island to disembark passengers and returned to the formation at 1824.
4 Jul - 0707 entered Hollandia Bay, moored to VICTORIA for fuel, 1000 anchored in Humboldt Bay, 1434 underway, 1536 moored to BOOTES for ammunition, 1847 underway, 1905 anchored in Humboldt Bay on 15 minutes notice.
5 Jul - Anchored in Humboldt Bay as before, put engines on 4 hour notice.
6 Jul - 0900 underway with RADFORD and JENKINS to Toem anchorage at 25 knots, 1114 test fired automatic weapons, 1430 anchored in Toem anchorage, 1711 underway with 6 LST’s as Echelon T-4 enroute to Noemfoor Island, 1856 left formation to join WITTER, ATLANTIC TRADER, WILLIAM SCHIRMER and DON MARQUIS and lead them to the formation, 2158 investigated possible sound contact which proved false, 2226 JENKINS dropped a depth charge pattern on possible sound contact, 2228 WITTER and merchantmen joined formation.
7 Jul - Steaming as before, 1505 WITTER, ATLANTIC TRADER, WILLIAM SCHIRMER and DON MARQUIS left formation to proceed to Mios Woendi Island, 1525 RADFORD left for Biak to disembark passengers and returned at 1716, at 2230 Yuma joined the formation.
8 Jul - 0622 lying to off Noemfoor Island while LST’s proceeded to unloading area, 0926 enroute to unloading area, 0940 lying to while CDD 42 conferred with LCCO Noemfoor, 1600 CDD 42 returned and ship resumed patrol, 1445 transferred commissary stores to RUSSELL, 1645 left patrol station and proceeded to unloading area, 1708 lying to off Kamiri airstrip while CDD 42 conferred with LCCO Noemfoor, 1836 Echelon T-4 plus COMRAD KOHROS left Noemfoor and retired eastward for the night escorted by FLETCHER, MUSTIN, RUSSELL, RADFORD and YUMA.
9 Jul - 0510 unidentified aircraft reported in area, GQ, sighted AA fire on Noemfoor Island, 0519 to 0520 main battery opened fire on aircraft, expended 7 rounds of five inch, negative results, 0521 to 0524 laid smoke, 0625 lying to while LST’s and COMRAD KOHROS proceed to beach, 0704 secured from GQ, 0730 patrolled off unloading area, 0906 ceased patrol and stood toward unloading area, 0920 lying to off Kamiri airstrip while CDD 42 conferred with LCCO Noemfoor, 1205 CDD 42 returned to ship, took up patrol station, 1601 ceased patrol, stood toward unloading area, 1623 lying to off Kamiri airstrip, 1900 left Noemfoor Island with Echelon T-4: MUSTIN, RUSSELL, YUMA and 6 LST’s, proceeded to Wakde Island.
10 Jul - 0730 YUMA detached to Mios Woendi Lagoon and returned at 0800 with LCI Flotilla 7, 0950 formed A/S screen, 1037 sighted AA bursts on horizon dead ahead, GQ, 1059 firing identified as test firing by Echelon T-5, 1900 YUMA detached to proceed to Woendi Islands.
11 Jul - 0500 MUSTIN, RUSSELL and LCT Flotilla 7 detached to proceed to Humboldt Bay, 0512 patrolled off Toem anchorage while LST’s anchored, 0720 anchored in Toem anchorage, 1122 underway to sea to transmit radio message, returned to anchorage at 1351. 1618 underway with 4 LST’s enroute to Humboldt Bay.
12 Jul - 0712 Echelon T-4 disbanded, proceeded to Hollandia Bay, 0745 moored to VICTORIA for fuel, 0922 underway, 1021 anchored in Hollandia Bay, New Guinea, secured main engines. Various units of Southwest Pacific Fleet present.
13 to 17 July - Hollandia Bay anchored as before.
18 Jul - 0700 underway with LA VALLETTE, MUSTIN and HOBBY to conduct AA practice, expended 237 rounds 5”, 440 rounds 40mm and 702 rounds 20mm ammunition, 1523 secured from GQ and returned to Hollandia Bay at 25 knots, 1718 moored to VICTORIA for fuel, 1819 underway, 1839 anchored and secured engines.
19 to 23 Jul - Anchored as before on 4 hours notice, took on stores, upkeep, painting.
24 Jul - 0753 underway with DesDiv 42 enroute to Maffin Bay, New Guinea to rejoin TF 77, 0920 test fired automatic weapons, 1340 test fired main battery, 1615 anchored in Maffin Bay.
25 Jul - 0117 underway to form screen for practice amphibious landing by TF 77, 1230 ceased patrol to return to Maffin Bay, 1343 anchored, 1429 underway to shift anchorage, 1443 anchored.
26 Jul - 0649 underway to go alongside SS J. STERLING MORTON for fuel, 0906 underway to anchorage, 0940 anchored in Maffin Bay.
27 Jul - Anchored as before, 2200 underway with TF 77 to take station ahead of amphibious attack force enroute to Sansapor, New Guinea at 9 knots. Ships present: SWANSON, MORRIS, HUGHES, RUSSELL, MUSTIN, FLETCHER, RADFORD, JENKINS, LA VALLETTE, STEVENSON, WELLES, KILTY, SCHLEY, WARD, CROSBY, HERBERT, HOBBY, GILLESPIE, ANDERSON, STOCKTON, WILKES, NICHOLSON, GRAYSON, STACK, 24 LST’s, 18 LCI’s, 4 PC’s and VIREO.
28 Jul - Steaming as before, 1132 test fired automatic weapons, 1908 went to precautionary GQ, 1946 left formation to guide small approaching convoy clear of formation, 2031 secured from GQ, 2047 mission completed, returned to station.
29 Jul - 0616 passed Noemfoor Island to port. At 1149 and 1504 went to GQ on unidentified aircraft later identified as friendly, 1942 precautionary GQ, 2030 secured.
30 Jul - 0600 left formation for fire support station at Sansapor, 0616 arrived on station, bombardment canceled, 0710 underway to take patrol and A/S station off Soe Islands, GQ at 0923, 1131 and 1303 for unidentified aircraft later found to be friendly, 1740 left patrol area to take station in departing Echelon G-1 enroute Maffin Bay. Composed of: SWANSON, STEVENSON, WELLES, RADFORD, JENKINS, LA VALLETTE, FLETCHER and 8 LST’s. 1934 precautionary GQ, 2010 secured, 2126 GQ for radar contact on aircraft, 2135 secured.
31 Jul - 0940 SWANSON left formation, 1153 GQ for air radar contact, 1201 secured, 1206 VIREO left formation, 1922 precautionary GQ, 2015 secured.
1 Aug - 0337 went to GQ due to Condition Red reported at Biak, 0349 all clear, 1400 left station to drop target for LST’s to fire on, 1425 returned to station, 1900 DesDiv 42 and 3 LST’s detached from formation to proceed to Humboldt Bay, 1916 precautionary GQ, 1935 secured.
2 Aug - 1100 LA VALLETTE and JENKINS detached to proceed independently to port, 1140 entered Hollandia Bay, New Guinea, went alongside SS BIRCH COULEE for fuel, 1506 underway, 1543 anchored.
3 to 6 Aug - Hollandia Bay anchored as before, routine upkeep, recreation parties to beach each day.
7 Aug - 0845 underway to refuel from SS BISHOPDALE, 1204 returned to anchorage.
8 Aug - 0758 underway with DesDiv 42 enroute to Maffin Bay, 0952 routine GQ for firing 5”/38 calibration offset practice, 1039 secured, 1603 anchored in Maffin Bay, 2238 underway to Sansapor with Echelon G-6 composed of FLETCHER, RADFORD, JENKINS, LA VALLETTE, 8 LST’s and SS RING LARDNER, speed 9 knots.
9 Aug - Steaming as before, 1902 to 1937 precautionary GQ.
10 Aug - 0945 to 1034 GQ for aircraft contact, identified as friendly, 1915 to 2039 precautionary GQ.
11 Aug - 0400 precautionary GQ, 0553 RADFORD and LA VALLETTE left for patrol area, 0634 left to patrol to seaward of LST’s, 0650 secured from GQ, 0826 proceeded to patrol station seaward of Amsterdam Island, 1903 left patrol and stood toward unloading area to form Echelon G-6 FLETCHER, RADFORD, LA VALLETTE, SAN PEDRO, STOCKTON and 9 LST’s for return trip to Woendi Island, 1925 to 2208 precautionary GQ.
12 Aug - Steaming as before, 0906 to 0922 GQ for air contact, friendly, 1911 precautionary GQ, 1918 left station to investigate object in the water, found to be a barrel, returned to station, 2019 sound contact identified as shoal, 2242 to 2252 GQ for air contact, friendly.
13 Aug - 0809 left formation, 0903 anchored in Woendi Lagoon, 1218 underway to refuel from TRINITY, 1456 returned to anchorage, 1728 underway with Echelon G-8 to Sansapor with RADFORD, VAN BUREN, VIREO, SS ROBERT HARPER, SS GEORGE PERKINS and 6 LST’s. 1843 alongside BISBEE to receive mail, 1920 to 2050 precautionary GQ.
14 Aug - Steaming as before, 1914 to 2050 precautionary GQ.
15 Aug - 0430 precautionary GQ, 0700 LST’s and merchant ships proceeded to unloading area, lay to off Sansapor, 1623 CDD 42 transferred his flag to JENKINS. Reported to VAN BUREN for duty and proceeded to patrol area near Amsterdam Island, precautionary GQ at sunset.
16 Aug - Patrolling as before, 1920 to 2015 precautionary GQ.
17 Aug - Patrolling as before, 1802 ceased patrol and joined Echelon G-8 proceeding east, HUGHES, JUSTIN, VIREO and 6 LST’s.
18 Aug - Steaming as before, 1916 precautionary GQ, 2133 left formation to investigate surface radar contact, no results.
19 Aug - 0825 MUSTIN, VIREO and one LST left formation to proceed to Mios Woendi anchorage, 0933 relieved by GALLUP and proceeded independently to Humboldt Bay, precautionary GQ at sunset.
20 Aug - 0639 entered Humboldt Bay and went alongside VICTORIA for fuel, moored to DOBBIN for repair and upkeep, 1045 CDD 42 transferred flag back to FLETCHER from JENKINS.
21 to 23 Aug - Moored as before on 4 hours notice, daily recreation parties to the beach.
24 Aug - 0656 underway from DOBBIN, 0718 anchored.
25 Aug - Humboldt Bay, New Guinea, anchored as before.
26 Aug - 0046 underway to take up listening watch at harbor entrance off Soedja Point, 1652 left station to investigate a reported submarine, the contact was located, dropped a pattern of 9 depth charges with negative results, 1800 returned to listening station.
27 Aug - 1025 left listening watch and returned to Hollandia Bay and anchored at 1050.
28 Aug - 0756 underway for AA firing practice, 0850 GQ, conducted practice on towed sleeve, expended 46 rounds of 5”/38, 1140 rounds of 40mm and 1100 rounds of 20mm ammunition, 1252 stood in to Hollandia bay and went alongside SS BISHOPDALE for fuel, 1458 anchored.
29 to 31 Aug - Anchored as before on 4 hours notice, routine upkeep, daily recreation parties to the beach.
1 Sep - 0001 reported to Task Force 77 for duty, 0737 underway with MORRIS, WASATCH, BLUE RIDGE, JOHN RODGERS, STEVENS, HARRISON, McKEE, RINGGOLD, DASHIELL, SCHROEDER, ANDERSON and JENKINS, conducted radar calibrations in the morning and formation maneuvers in the afternoon, 1348 HARRISON and BLUE RIDGE left the formation, 1750 returned to anchorage in Hollandia Bay.
2 Sep - 0645 alongside VILLALOBOS for fuel, returned to anchorage.
3 Sep - Anchored as before, 1844 underway with CARTER HALL enroute to Maffin Bay.
4 Sep - -0550 entered Maffin bay and anchored.
5 Sep - Anchored as before.
6 Sep - 0430 underway with TU 77.3.2 composed of HUGHES, FLETCHER, TAYLOR, JENKINS, LA VALLETTE, STACK, MANOORA, 34 LCI’s, 8 LCT’s, 8 LST’s, 1 LSD, 4 PC’s and 4 YMS’s, enroute to practice beach, 0806 went to bombardment area for simulated bombardment, 0852 left bombardment area to patrol north and northeast of Wakde Island, 1628 left patrol and proceeded independently to Maffin Bay, 1735 anchored.
7 Sep - 0629 underway to area east of Koemamba Islands to check compass deviation, ship handling exercises and general drills. 1700 anchored in Maffin Bay, New Guinea.
8 Sep - Anchored as before, 1758 underway enroute to Humboldt Bay, precautionary GQ at sunset.
9 Sep - 0548 entered Humboldt Bay, went alongside VILLALOBOS for fuel, proceeded to anchorage in Hollandia Bay, drew provisions for LA VALLETTE and mail for various units in Maffin Bay.
10 Sep - 0804 underway enroute to Maffin Bay, 1400 entered Maffin Bay, went alongside CHAPACHET for fuel, delivered provisions to LA VALLETTE and mail to various units anchored in Maffin Bay, then anchored.
11 Sep - 0903 underway enroute to Morotai Island, stood out with TU 77.3.2, 1053 joined TU 77.3.1 off Wakde Island and took station in formation, precautionary GQ at sunset.
12 Sep - Steaming as before, 1745 McKEE left formation to investigate a sound contact which proved false, precautionary GQ at sunset.
13 Sep - Steaming as before, 0635 joined by TG 77.2, 1030 joined by TU 77.1.1, 1325 joined by TU 77.1.2, precautionary GQ at sunset.
14 Sep - Steaming as before, 1351 radar contact on unidentified plane at 40 miles, 1407 went to GQ, plane identified as friendly, secured from GQ, precautionary GQ at sunset.
15 Sep - Steaming as before, 0500 went to GQ, 0622 left formation and proceeded with LA VALLETTE to bombardment area, 0735 opened fire with main battery on landing area of Morotai Island, 0750 ceased fire, expended 679 rounds 5”/38 AA common, left area with LA VALLETTE, searched westward of Morotai for 3 unidentified vessels, search negative, 0941 secured from GQ, returned to patrol area southwest of Morotai, 1814 ceased patrol, proceeded to night operating area east of Morotai with STACK and ANDERSON, GQ at sunset, 1955 commenced patrol, 2228 surface radar contacts at 27,000 yards, investigated and found to be friendly, returned to night patrol.
16 Sep
 - 0544 radar contact with unidentified plane, GQ, proved friendly, 0618 proceeded to Cape Gila area, Morotai Island, 0640 a Japanese aircraft was sighted, 0653 a Japanese “Dinah” was reported shot down by friendly aircraft, 0755 commenced patrol south of Morotai Island, 1750 formed Echelon M-2 to proceed to Humboldt Bay, New Guinea, precautionary GQ at sunset.
17 to 18 Sep - Steaming as before, precautionary GQ at each sunset.
19 Sep - 0600 LA VALLETTE came alongside to deliver mail, upon completion LA VALLETTE, TAYLOR and 2 LST’s left for Woendi Island, 1239 sound contact, investigated, lost contact, BURLINGTON was ordered to search area for one hour as FLETCHER rejoined formation, BURLINGTON reported negative results and rejoined the formation, precautionary GQ at sunset.
20 Sep - Steaming as before, 1400 CARSON CITY and 4 LCI’s left formation and proceeded independently to Humboldt Bay, 1415 AA firing practice on sleeve, precautionary GQ at sunset, 2238 anchored in Humboldt Bay.
21 Sep - 0651 alongside MURZIM for ammunition, returned to anchorage, 1510 alongside SABINE SUN for fuel.
22 Sep - 0730 underway from SABINE SUN, anchored in Hollandia Bay, 1204 underway at 28 knots enroute to Maffin Bay, 1647 anchored.
23 Sep - 0846 underway with Group “P” to proceed with Echelon M-11 to Morotai Island with 7 merchantmen, 1545 joined with Group “R” of Echelon M-11, precautionary GQ at sunset.
24 Sep - 0925 joined by Group “Q” of Echelon M-11, 0937 LA VALLETTE came alongside to transfer mail, upon completion TAYLOR came alongside to transfer mail.
25 Sep - Steaming as before enroute to Morotai Island, 2206 sound contact at 1200 yards, dropped a pattern of 8 depth charges, contact evaluated as non-submarine, 2218 rejoined formation.
26 Sep - Steaming as before, 1520 GQ for unidentified plane later identified as friendly, precautionary GQ at sunset.
27 Sep - 0500 precautionary GQ, 0530 LST’s proceeded to unloading area at Morotai Island, 0751 anchored in Gia Anchorage, 1100 underway to Pitoe Bay, Morotai Island, upon arrival lay to off beach until 1418 and departed for night patrol, 1645 ordered to relieve TAYLOR, relieved at 1730 and took station ahead of 2 LCT’s that sortied from Cape Gerengo, 1813 precautionary GQ, 2001 observed shore AA batteries firing on plane, 2049 radar contact on unidentified plane at 20,000 yards, increased speed, maneuvered radically and opened fire with main battery, plane opened range rapidly, ship slowed to former speed, expended 12 rounds 5” ammunition.
28 Sep - 0015 took station off Gila Point as LST’s proceeded to anchorage, 0655 entered the anchorage, 0739 moored to ANDREW S. WHITE for fuel, 0847 secured from GQ, underway, 1441 took A/S patrol off Gila Point, 1529 proceeded to night patrol area northeast of Morotai, 1729 joined TAYLOR on night patrol, precautionary GQ at sunset.
29 Sep - 0620 secured from GQ, left TAYLOR and proceeded to Gila Anchorage, 0944 anchored, 1026 underway to A/S patrol off Gila Point, patrolled until 1531, proceeded to night patrol station, 1714 joined night patrol with TAYLOR, 1809 went to GQ and set Condition I-E for the night.
30 Sep - 0615 left TAYLOR for patrol area off Gila Point, 0743 to 0843 GQ for unidentified plane which proved to be friendly, 0838 left patrol station and stood over to LST unloading area at Pitoe Bay and lay to while CDD 42 made arrangements for expediting the departure of Echelon M-13, 0954 underway to stand into Gila anchorage, 1132 anchored, 1352 underway to escort COULTER, FS-152, FS-362 to Pitoe Bay to join Echelon M-13, 1420 went to GQ on report of unidentified aircraft which proved friendly, convoy formed, composed of 13 LST’s, FS-152, FS-362, COULTER, FLETCHER, MUSTIN, TAYLOR and O’BANNON, enroute to Humboldt Bay, New Guinea, 1800 GQ, 1840 received report of enemy planes in the area, 1845 observed AA fire from Point Gila and anchorage, 1850 LST’s in convoy opened fire, 1855 convoy formed up and underway, 1900 area reported clear of all enemy planes.
1 Oct - Steaming as before, 0225 to 0247 GQ for radar contact on unidentified plane that failed to close, 1500 to 1515 test fired Mk 32 projectiles, 1740 O’BANNON and 4 LST’s left formation to proceed to Sansapor, New Guinea.
2 Oct - Steaming as before, 1400 passed Mapia Island to port, 1810 to 1846 precautionary GQ.
3 Oct - Steaming as before, 1540 sighted PBY on the water at 28,000 yards, proceeded to the area at 25 knots, 1559 arrived, pilot requested a tow to his base at Woendi Island, TAYLOR was assigned the tow, rejoined formation, 1815 to 1848 precautionary GQ.
4 Oct - Steaming as before, 1845 routine GQ, 2300 surface radar contact at 16,000 yards, MUSTIN investigated, 2302 GQ, 2330 MUSTIN identified as friendly PT boats.
5 Oct - 0650 MUSTIN and COULTER left to proceed independently to port, 0818 remainder of convoy stood into Humboldt Bay, FLETCHER detached and went alongside destroyer tender DOBBIN outboard of HUGHES.
6 to 7 Oct - Moored as before to DOBBIN, recreation parties to the beach each afternoon.
8 Oct - Moored as before, 1329 underway to Seeadler Harbor, Admiralty Islands after fueling from VILLALOBOS, speed 28 knots, routine GQ at sunset.
9 Oct - 0503 arrived at harbor entrance, 0530 LA VALLETTE came alongside with official mail, FLETCHER became flagship of TU 78.2.6, 0535 patrolled off harbor entrance, 0623 TG 78.2 sortied, proceeded with TG to Rambutyo Island for practice landings, DD’s patrolled during practice, TG retired in sections to Seeadler Harbor. With JENKINS and ANDERSON screened the last transports returning to harbor, HARRIS, ARNEB, ELECTRA and LEONARD WOOD, arrived off harbor too late for entry, remained at sea awaiting sunrise.
10 Oct - 0454 commenced screening entry of transports into Seeadler Harbor, 0733 moored to LA VALLETTE on one hour notice.
11 Oct - 0525 underway to refuel, returned to moor alongside LA VALLETTE.
12 Oct - Moored as before, 1415 underway to patrol while TG 78.2 sortied, 1559 joined TG enroute to Leyte Gulf, Philippine Islands, 1825 to 1845 routine GQ.
13 Oct - Steaming as before, reoriented the screen several times while GAMBIER BAY and JENKINS left formation to conduct flight operations, 0418 commenced zig zag, 1250 to 1450 transports conducted AA firing practice at towed sleeve, 1819 to 1843 routine GQ.
14 Oct - Steaming as before, 0558 to 0618 GQ for unidentified plane later proved to be friendly.
15 Oct - Steaming as before, 0848 joined with TF 78, 1829 to 1907 routine GQ.
16 Oct - Steaming as before, 1300 refueled from PHOENIX, 1805 to 1853 routine GQ, 1950 to 2013 GQ for unidentified plane later proved to be friendly.
17 Oct - Steaming as before enroute to Leyte Gulf, 1826 to 1915 routine GQ.
18 Oct - Steaming as before, 1300 test fired automatic weapons, 1833 to 1919 routine GQ.
19 Oct - Steaming as before, 0825 to 0838 GQ for unidentified plane later proved to be friendly, 1450 PC-1119 came alongside to pass over mail, 1815 escort carriers KITKUN BAY and GAMBIER BAY left formation escorted by DE’s DENNIS and JOHN C. BUTLER, 1837-1933 routine GQ, lit fires under spare boilers.
20 Oct - 0022 entering Leyte Gulf, 0500 GQ in preparation for landing and bombardment operations, 0610 enemy aircraft seen at 15 miles, 0624 fired on plane, no hits observed, 0700 left formation for assigned bombardment area in San Pedro Bay, 0750 lying to on station with LA VALLETTE 5400 yards south of Caloganan Point, Samar Island, observed bombardment of Leyte positions by other units of Task Forces 77 and 78, during the day FLETCHER’s sector remained quiet. At 1602 enemy planes reported in the area, 1846 sighted and fired on one enemy plane at close range in low visibility, no hits observed, 1940 with radar control fired on enemy plane which turned away at 9400 yards from direct attack course. 
21 Oct - Patrolling as before, 0500 frequent reports of many enemy aircraft, 0605 observed explosion of bridge structure on HMAS AUSTRALIA during a bombing attack, many alerts for enemy aircraft throughout the day, 1655 stood over to transport area to form up with departing convoy TU 78.2.4 composed of FLETCHER (CDD 42), LA VALLETTE, HARRISON, MURRAY, AQUARIUS, TITANIA and 17 LST's, guide is LST-466 (ComLSTFlot7), 2005 took station in screen and departed San Pedro Bay for Humboldt Bay, New Guinea, speed 9 knots.
22 Oct - Steaming as before, 0538 to 0642 routine GQ, went to GQ several times during the day for aircraft which later proved friendly, 1807 to 1850 routine GQ.
23 Oct - Steaming as before, 2045 LST-466 had a steering casualty, TITANIA took guide.
24 Oct - Steaming as before, 1817 to 1840 routine GQ, 2200 passed convoy of friendly ships to starboard.
25 Oct - Steaming as before, 1030 ceased patrol to conserve fuel in event of recall to Leyte, 1248 went alongside LST-466 to pick up Captain R. W. Scruggs, USN ComLSTFlot7 for conference with CDD 42, 1500 returned Capt. Scruggs to LST-466, went alongside TITANIA for fuel who with AQUARIUS refueled all DD's.
26 Oct - Steaming as before, 0744 sighted Liki Island, New Guinea, 0750 commenced patrolling station, 1820 to 1853 routine GQ.
27 Oct - Steaming as before, 0410 left convoy with LA VALLETTE to proceed at 26 knots to Kossol Roads, Palau Islands for offset firing practice, 1816 to 1855 routine GQ.
28 Oct - Steaming as before with LA VALLETTE 500 yards astern, 0650 sighted Palau Islands, 0915 stood into Kossol Passage, went alongside KANAKEE for fuel, then anchored, 1500 underway with MORRIS, MUSTIN, LA VALLETTE and HOWORTH to patrol and await arrival of transports, 1732 joined convoy in A/S screen enroute to Guam.
29 Oct - Steaming as before, 1230 HOWORTH made sound contact and left formation to investigate with negative results, 1807 to 1853 routine GQ.
30 Oct - Steaming as before, 1805 to 1833 routine GQ.
31 Oct - 0425 radar contact on Guam Island at 35 miles, transports formed into two columns for entry into port with DD's screening, 1442 entered Apra Harbor and moored alongside LEONARD WOOD for fuel.
1 to 2 Nov - Moored as before in Guam on one hour notice, recreation parties to the beach each afternoon.
3 Nov - 0453 underway with TG 78.13 enroute to Noumea, New Caledonia, 0530 patrolled off harbor entrance harbor entrance during sortie composed of transports: LEONARD WOOD (CTG78.13), PIERCE, JAMES O'HARA, LA SALLE, ELECTRA, HARRIS, BARNSTABLE, ELMORE, LEON, STORM KING, JUPITER, CALLOWAY, SUMPTER, HERALD OF THE MORNING, ARNEB and DD's: MORRIS (CDS2), FLETCHER (CDD42), LA VALLETTE, HOWORTH and MUSTIN. 1000 convoy formed and enroute to Noumea, 1411 JUPITER had engineering casualty and HOWORTH detached to screen, 1708 HOWORTH rejoined screen and FLETCHER left to escort and rejoin convoy with JUPITER at 1740.
4 Nov - Steaming as before, 1815 to 1848 routine GQ.
5 Nov - Steaming as before, 1038 to 1050 GQ for unidentified aircraft that proved to be friendly, 1605 alongside LEONARD WOOD to receive guard mail, 1855 to 1929 routine GQ.
6 Nov - Steaming as before, 0300 left formation to proceed independently to Eniwetok Atoll, 1823 to 1850 GQ.
7 Nov - 0600 entered Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands, 0710 moored to GAMBOK for fuel, then anchored, 0940 underway to rejoin TG 78.13, 1234 rejoined and took station in screen, 1324 to 1431 GQ for firing at towed sleeve, expended 402 rounds 20mm, 594 rounds 40mm, 54 rounds 5"/38 AA common, 1820 to 1847 routine GQ.
8 Nov - Steaming as before, 1815 to 1847 routine GQ.
9 Nov - Steaming as before 1028 to 1049 GQ for test firing main battery, expended 24 rounds 5"/38 AA common, 1631 MOORIS left screen to investigate sound contact, 1632 CDD 42 assumed ComScreen as convoy executed emergency 6 turn to avoid collision with MORRIS and reduced speed, contact proved false, 1810 MORRIS cleared the convoy and speed of 12.5 knots was resumed, 1827 to 1900 routine GQ, 1851 MORRIS returned to station.
10 Nov - Steaming as before, 0954 to 1023 routine GQ to test fire Mk 32 ammunition, 24 rounds expended, 1130 left station to act as target for radar tracking drill, 1351 returned to formation, 1827 to 1859 routine GQ.
11 Nov - Steaming as before, 0628 HARRIS, CALLOWAY, JAMES O'HARA and LEON took station astern of the formation to refuel DD's, 1203 fueling completed, 1300 to 1400 burst firing practice, expended 9 rounds 5"/38 and 166 rounds 40mm, formation increased speed to 13 knots enroute to Manus Island in accordance with a CincPac despatch, 1815 to 1855 routine GQ.
12 Nov - Steaming as before, 1830 to 1906 routine GQ.
13 Nov - Steaming as before, 1821 to 1850 routine GQ.
14 Nov - Steaming as before, 1809 to 1829 routine GQ, 2211 HOWORTH made possible sound contact which proved to be false and returned to station at 2303.
15 Nov - Steaming as before, 1115 transports formed columns to enter port with FLETCHER and LA VALLETTE screening to seaward of port column, 1454 stood into Seeadler Harbor, Admiralty Islands and proceeded alongside ANDREW DORIA for fuel, then anchored.
16 Nov - Anchored in Seeadler Harbor, Admiralty Islands, recreation party to the beach in the afternoon.
17 Nov - Anchored as before, 1055 CDD 42 Capt. A. E. Jarrell USN was relieved by Capt. L. H. Martin, USN. 1455 underway while transports sortied, 1726 joined formation enroute to Leyte.
18 Nov - Steaming as before, 1812 to 1850 routine GQ, 2250 ABBOT and HALE joined the formation.
19 Nov - Steaming as before, 0640 NORMAN SCOTT joined formation, 1814 to 1855 routine GQ.
20 Nov - Steaming as before, 1400 to 1402 test fired automatic weapons, expended 137 rounds 40mm and 45 rounds 20mm, 1814 to 1850 routine GQ.
21 Nov - Steaming as before, 0300 HOWORTH left formation to proceed independently to Peleliu Island, 1807 to 1830 routine GQ.
22 Nov - Steaming as before, 0545 to 0630 routine GQ, 0745 NORMAN SCOTT left formation to investigate sound contact determined to be false, 0840 GQ for unidentified aircraft which proved to be friendly, 1122 secured from GQ, 1252 radar contact on enemy plane, went to GQ, 1908 fired on enemy aircraft causing it to turn away from a direct attack course, expended 72 rounds of Mk 32 5"/38, 2126 secured from GQ.
23 Nov - Arrived Leyte Gulf, 0607 went to GQ for Condition Red reported at Leyte, 0655 left unloading area and proceeded to San Pedro Bay with screen, 1240 anchored in Leyte Gulf, 1530 underway to receive dry provisions from MORRIS, anchored, many Conditions Red during the day, each time FLETCHER got underway and returned to anchorage at All Clear.
24 Nov - Anchored as before, during morning numerous alerts were sounded, each time ship got underway and lay to, 1103 sighted Japanese plane high in clouds, 1107 plane commenced dive on transports and dropped a bomb forward of STORM KING, plane was then attacked by P-38's and caught fire, plane reversed course and attempted to crash into the JAMES O'HARA but fell short and crashed into the water, 1410 Condition Red on Leyte, 1420 sighted Japanese dive bomber commencing dive into transport area but ship held fire due to proximity of friendly planes, enemy dropped bombs close aboard STORM KING, 1432 MORRIS and NORMAN SCOTT commenced firing on two low flying enemy planes, Army P-38's gave chase, 1440 one of the two Japanese aircraft was shot down by P-38's, 1444 lost sight of and contact with remaining aircraft, 1550 commenced forming A/S screen to screen transports during sortie, 1712 on station, 1931 contacted unidentified plane at 10 miles and closing, 1932 main battery commenced firing, expended 68 rounds Mk 32 5"/38, no hits observed, 2245 secured from GQ, left San Pedro Bay, Philippines headed southeast.
25 Nov - Steaming as before, 1510 to 1540 routine GQ for unknown aircraft which failed to close, 1833 to 1923 routine GQ.
26 Nov - 0800 detached from TG 78.13 to rendezvous with TU 76.4.2, FLETCHER, HOWORTH and LA VALLETTE set course northwest, 1824 to 1850 routine GQ.
27 Nov - Steaming as before, 0935 radar contact with TU 76.4.2, 1100 took position in screen, 1615 went alongside HMS BISHOPDALE for fuel, 2139 resumed station in screen.
28 Nov - Steaming as before, 0550 routine GQ, 0635 HOWORTH left screen to fuel, 0830 HOWORTH returned to station, 1020 stood into Leyte Gulf, 1530 proceeded independently to vicinity of MT. McKINLEY, 1619 anchored in San Pedro Bay, several air raid alerts during afternoon during which ship got underway and lay to.
29 Nov - 0013 underway to go alongside ARETHUSA for fuel, returned to anchorage, 1340 underway to go alongside MERZIN to receive ammunition, 1719 returned to anchorage, Condition Red many times during day but no aircraft approached.
30 Nov - Anchored as before, 0953 secured from GQ, 2044 to 2244 GQ for Condition Red.
1 Dec - Anchored in San Pedro Bay, 0846 to 0857 GQ for Condition Red at Leyte.
2 Dec - Anchored as before, GQ several times during day for Condition Red, no aircraft approached.
3 Dec - Anchored as before, 0715 underway to go alongside RUTILICUS for provisions, 1015 underway to HMS BISHOPDALE for fuel, 1221 underway, 1302 anchored, 1545 underway with NICHOLAS, O'BANNON and LA VALLETTE to join TG 77.3, patrolling lower Leyte Gulf, 1815 to 1850 routine GQ.
4 Dec - Patrolling as before with TG 77.3, 1826 to 1855 routine GQ.
5 Dec - Patrolling as before, during day several Condition Red GQ's, 1700 sighted ship AA fire, 1703 sighted Japanese Val dive bomber and opened fire, 1704:45 Val started dive on FLETCHER, 1706 turned hard to port and Val crashed in water 2 points off starboard bow, ceased fire, expended 54 rounds 5"/38, 127 rounds 40mm and 228 rounds of 20mm, 1708 Japanese Val sighted in dive on NICHOLAS as she took it under fire and it crashed about 200 yards off NICHOLAS bow, 1745 secured from GQ, more alerts and GQ during evening.
6 Dec - Patrolling as before, 0725 GQ for enemy planes reported in area, 0830 enroute to anchorage in San Pedro Bay, 0919 secured from GQ, 0958 anchored, 1040 underway to join LA VALLETTE at Surigao Strait picket station, 1300 commenced patrolling east of Amagueson Point, Leyte Island, 1340 routine GQ, 1510 departed patrol station to join LST formation, 1630 took station in A/S screen, 1734 unidentified aircraft in area proved friendly, 2018 left LST formation with NICHOLAS (CDS 21), O'BANNON and LA VALLETTE to proceed on sweep to Ormoc Bay. 
7 Dec
 - Bombarded beach at Ormoc, fired at several enemy planes neither inflicting or sustaining damage, expended 92 rounds 5"/38 illumination, 242 rounds 5"/38 AA common, 114 rounds Mk 32 5"/38 and 158 rounds 40mm, returned to Leyte Gulf and screening station via Surigao Strait, 3 times in afternoon went to GQ due to aircraft that later proved friendly, 1740 left formation enroute to San Pedro Bay, 1843 moored alongside HMS BISHOPDALE for fuel, 2027 underway, 2103 anchored in San Pedro Bay.
8 Dec - Anchored as before, 0936 underway to go alongside MERZIM for ammunition, 1230 returned to anchorage.
9 Dec - Anchored as before, 1130 underway to screen PORTLAND and NASHVILLE, 1359 returned to anchorage in San Pedro Bay, 1704 to 1730 Condition Red GQ.
10 Dec - Anchored as before, 0838 to 0928 and 1849 to 1908 Condition Red GQ's.
11 Dec - Anchored as before, 0639 to 0656 condition Red GQ, 1525 underway, 1559 moored to ARETHUSA for fuel, 1705 underway, 1746 anchored in San Pedro Bay.
12 Dec - Anchored as before, 1316 underway to join TG 78.3, 1606 on station, 1825 to 1922 routine GQ.
13 Dec - Steaming as before on various courses, 0551 to 0656 routine GQ, 0802 sighted AA bursts off port bow, GQ, 1109 Condition Red, 1201 Condition White, secured from GQ, 2 GQ's in afternoon for aircraft, 1458 observed enemy plane to crash into port side of NASHVILLE killing 133 and injuring 190, sighted enemy aircraft at various times in the afternoon, 1757 assisted in shooting down 2 enemy planes which passed directly overhead and splashed down about 2000 yards away, 1759 observed another Japanese plane shot down by U.S. fighter planes, 1945 NASHVILLE and STANLEY left formation to return to San Pedro Bay, prior to departure CTG 78.3 in NASHVILLE transferred flag to DASHIELL.
14 Dec - Steaming as before enroute to San Pedro Bay, 1345 GQ for unidentified planes in vicinity, 1351 U.S. fighter planes shot down 2 Japanese planes, 2 more GQ's for aircraft in vicinity.
15 Dec - Steaming as before, 0459 contacted enemy surface vessel at 17,000 yards, BARTON and INGRAHAM detached to destroy target, 0530 left formation with LA VALLETTE, O'BANNON and HOPEWELL, 0540 BARTON reported 6000 ton Japanese transport destroyed, 0630 proceeded independently to fire support area, 0708 to 0726 bombarded Bugsanga Beach, Mindoro Island, Philippine Islands. 0857 to 0903 observed Japanese suicide air attack on LST's, two (LST-472 and LST-738were badly hit and sunk, 1540 to 1541 fired on Japanese plane which passed out of range, 1815 commenced cruising formation, 1859 sighted AA fire on beach at Japanese plane that was bombing, 1945 secured from GQ.
16 Dec - Steaming as before enroute to San Pedro Bay, 1208 to 1230 GQ for aircraft, 1337 to 1930 routine GQ for aircraft in vicinity.
17 Dec - Steaming as before, 0616 GQ for aircraft, 0745 enemy aircraft attacked formation from abeam to port 200 feet above the water approaching from land, STEVENS shot down one and U.S. fighters reported shooting down another, 1925 secured from GQ.
18 Dec - Steaming as before, 0740 proceeded independently to San Pedro Bay, 0827 moored to ARETHUSA for fuel, 0938 underway, 0957 anchored, 1021 underway, 1046 moored to BOOTES for ammunition, 1155 underway, 1210 anchored in San Pedro Bay.
19 Dec - Anchored as before, 0610 to 0635 GQ for aircraft, 1042 to 1112 Condition Red GQ.
20 Dec - Anchored as before, 1848 Condition Red GQ, 1849 sighted enemy plane, 1850 opened fire, 1852 plane crashed into water 1000 yards on port beam, 1919 secured from GQ, 1926 to 1938 Condition Red GQ.
21 to 25 Dec - Anchored as before, numerous alerts during this period for aircraft, no attacks on FLETCHER, routine maintenance performed when feasible.
26 Dec - Anchored as before, 1230 underway, 1245 moored to CARIBOU for fuel, 1400 underway, 1948 anchored, 1625 to 1705 Condition Red GQ, 1837 underway with TG 77.14 to intercept Japanese task force headed for Mindoro, 1856 Condition Red GQ, 1905 formed cruising disposition with LOUISVILLE (CTG 77.14) at fleet center ringed by MINNEAPOLIS, BOISE, PHOENIX and screen BARTON (CDS 60), ALLEN M. SUMNER, O'BRIEN, LOWRY, FLETCHER, RADFORD, HOPEWELL and O'BANNON, 1930 secured from GQ.
27 Dec - Steaming as before, frequent unidentified aircraft reported in the vicinity none within visual or firing range, 1430 arrived vicinity of Mindoro Island, 1700 O'BANNON picked up Japanese survivor and transferred him to LOUISVILLE, TG continued patrol off Mindoro Island.
28 Dec - Patrolling as before, enemy planes in close proximity to the formation, 0018 plane sighted and reported shot down by covering U.S. fighters, 0024 another plane shot down by fighters. PHOENIX was designated CTC, late afternoon left Mindoro Island enroute to San Pedro Bay.
29 Dec - Steaming as before, 1450 screen signaled to proceed into San Pedro Bay, refueled, 1907 anchored, CTG 77.3 ordered all ships and all boilers to be on 27 knots and 2 hours notice.
30 Dec - Anchored as before, 0905 underway to shift berth, unidentified planes reported in area in evening.
31 Dec - Anchored as before in San Pedro Bay, Leyte Island, Philippine Islands.

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