USS Fletcher DDE-445 1961 History

℅ Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California

In reply refer to: DDE445/CRL:jes, 5213, Ser:--, 21 JAN 1962

From: Commanding Officer, U.S.S. FLETCHER (DDE-445)
To: Chief of Naval Operations (OP-291SH)

Subject: U.S.S. FLETCHER (DDE-445) Historical data for 1961, submission of

Ref: (a) OPNAVINST 5750.7 of 9 February 1956

1. In accordance with reference (a) the following information is forwarded.

      (a)  The present commanding officer, Commander Chester R. Lager, U.S. Navy, reported on board and relieved Commander George D. Harrelson, U.S. Navy as commanding officer on 01 December 1961.

      (b)  Principal ship movements during calendar year 1961:
1 January to 21 April FLETCHER was under the operational control of Seventh Fleet operating as a unit of Task Group 70.4 whose primary mission was ASW. During this period FLETCHER actively participated in various Hunter-Killer operations and other forms of ASW. Upon return to her home port of Pearl Harbor she engaged in routine training emphasizing ASW capabilities as a unit of Destroyer Flotilla FIVE throughout the remainder of the year except for regular yard overhaul and refresher training (see below).

      (c)  FLETCHER underwent an extensive regular yard overhaul from 26 June to 26 September.  After a few weeks of shakedown and getting ready for the sea she began Refresher Training under the operational Control of Fleet Training Group, Pearl Harbor ending this phase on 24 November 1961.

      (d)  FLETCHER is possibly the first of her type to successfully complete a formal competitive ASW exercise against a Nuclear powered submarine and for such proficiency was awarded the white "ASW A" during fiscal year 1961.

/s/ C. R. Lauger

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