USS Fletcher DD-445 1965 History

℅ Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California

In reply refer to: DD445/NRD:ss ,5213, Ser: 157, 1 FEB 1966

From: Commanding Officer, USS FLETCHER (DD-445)
To: Chief of Naval Personnel (OP-291SH)

Subj: Annual Revision of Ship's History

Ref: (a) OPNAVINST 5750.7 

1. Commanding Officers and periods served:

     Commander F. E. REICHWEIN, 484379/1100, USN served from 30 January 1964 to 31 July 1965.  Commander R. L. MORGAN, 466430/1100, USN has served from 31 July 1965 to the present.

2.  Principal ship's movements and engagements:

     During the fist six months of 1965.  FLETCHER engaged in numerous local area training and readiness operations. Exercises included anti-aircraft gunnery, shore bombardment off KAHOOLAWE Island, and anti-submarine warfare against both conventional and nuclear U.S. Submarines. In March FLETCHER was cited by COMCRUDESPAC for five consecutive hits out of five total MK37-0 torpedo firings since the first of the year.

     In April FLETCHER participated as a surveillance unit during OPERATION SAILOR HAT, a series of three tests designed to determine blast effect of high intensity explosions to modern ships and weapons systems. The tests were conducted by the Navy under sponsorship of the Defense Atomic Support Agency.

     Port visits during this period were made to the local islands of Kauai and Hawaii.

     FLETCHER deployed for WESTPAC 13 September 1965 as a unit of Anti-Submarine Warfare Group One commanded by Rear Admiral E. P. AURAND embarked in U.S.S. HORNET (CVS-12).

     With the U.S.S. O'BRIEN (DD 725), FLETCHER's first Seventh Fleet assignment was patrol duty in the Formosa Strait with CDR MORGAN acting as CTG 72.1, Taiwan Surface Patrol Group Commander. Principal events during this six week period were several ASW exercises with units of the Republic of China Navy.

     During the month of November, FLETCHER engaged in patrol activities off the coast of Viet Nam, being twice called in to provide night gun-fire support to land units. Following a Hong Kong port visit ASW Group One transited the Sea of Japan. Embarked aboard FLETCHER were two officers of the Republic of Korea Navy for a six week period of orientation and indoctrination in current ASW tactics. The transit was climaxed b a joint ASW exercise with units of the Korean Navy.

     The remainder of FLETCHER's deployment will included additional operations incident with the Viet Nam crisis involving off-shore patrol, gun-fire support and anti-submarine surveillance.

3.  Major conversion and periods out of service: NONE

4.  Special awards or outstanding events:

       a.  COMCRUDESPAC Ney Award for best mess afloat in its category given 14 MAY 1965.

        b.  Viet Nam Service Medal.

/s/ R. L. MORGAN

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