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Destroyer History home page
Life on a Fletcher Class Destroyer - article
National Association of Destroyer Veterans (Tin Can Sailors)
Elmer Charles Bigelow, Medal of Honor site 1
Elmer Charles Bigelow, Medal of Honor site 2
American Legion
National Museum of the Pacific War
Vietnam Virtual Wall
Author Rick Campbell
Vietnam Naval Gunfire Missions Database
Military Moving Guide
Veteran Business Ideas

Veterans and Cerebral Palsy
Legal Advice for Veterans
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Mental Health.gov
Understanding a Veteran with PTSD

Business Opportunities for US Military Veterans
Veterans Career Guide

A New Addiction Treatment for Veterans - Contingency Management
Anxiety and High Blood Pressure: What’s the Connection?
Substance Abuse Prevention for Seniors
Military Skills Transition Resources for Veterans and Active Duty Service Members
PTSD and Sleep
Financial Resources and Discounts for Military Families
Silent Professionals, Private Security Job Market

Counseling, Crisis Help, & Suicide Prevention for the Military Community
Free and Low Cost Marriage Counseling for Veterans
Military and Veterans Mental Health Issues
Costs & Co-Payments for Veterans' Health Care
Job Search Assistance for Veterans
Veteran Moving Services Savings Program
At-Home Services to Assist Senior Veterans

54 Military Scholarships, Grants and Tips for Veterans and their Families
How does Mental Health Affect Your Sleep?
PTSD, Depression, & Home Design
Getting Over Grief: Understanding its Stages and How to Heal
Dignity Memorial Final Planning On Demand Seminar
PTSD, Depression & Home Design
Addiction Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Jobs for Veterans - Veteran’s Guide to Job Search in 2020
Top 100 Places That Offer A Military Discount

Mattress Military Discounts for Active Duty and Veterans
The Best VA Loan Lenders for 2020
Explaining and Understanding PTSD
Addiction Group
Find the Best Drug Rehab Centers in the United States
Veterans and Homelessness
Practical Guide on Dental Benefits and Health Recommendations for Veterans
Guide to Training an Emotional Support Dog
6 Resources and Tips for your Military and Veteran Home Buyers
Red Kap Military Discount
Detox Local: Veteran Addiction Withdrawal and Detox Guide

Apartment Assistance for Vets
Jobs for Former Military
Addiction Rehab Treatment
Massachusetts Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers
Addiction Rehab Treatment
Legal Guide for Elder Abuse
Veteran Rights and Discrimination Attorneys
Find Affordable Online Colleges
A Veteran’s Guide to Starting a Small Business
Maximize Your Military Retirement  and Benefts and Retirement
Family & Friends Mental Health
Military Moving Guide: Active Service & Veterans
How to Help End Veteran Homelessness with Services
Tax Form Library
Homebuying Guide for Veterans
Guide to Choosing a Trade Career for Returning Service Members

Home Repair Grants for Veterans
Military Service Badges and Pins: Insignia History
The Military Guide to Homeownership
Guide to Freelancing Jobs for Veterans
Camp Lejune Water Contamination Claims
Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Certification

Resources for Veteran Owned Businesses
How VA Health Care and Medicare Work Together
How TRICARE Works With Medicare
How to Enroll in Medicare
Medicare Resources for Veterans
Military and Veteran’s Discount Guide
Veterans - How to Start a Small Business
The Effect of Vaping on your Teeth, Gums, Oral Health
Nutrition and Eye Health
Outpatient Mental Health Treatment
Alcohol and Sleep
A Guide to Active Duty Storage
Free Rehab Centers
Digital Citizenship - A Guide for Parents
Sana Lake - Behavioral Wellness Center
Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Women
Addiction and Mental Health Resources for Veterans
Online Marriage and Family Therapy Programs
Layla Sleep - Veteran’s Discount 
College Scholarships and Resources for Military Veterans
Senior Housing Net
Resume and Employment Guide for People with Disabilities
Best Home Warranties for Veterans (2023)
Post Service Engineering Career Guide for Veterans
Medicare Plans in Wyoming
A Guide to Parenting a Child with Poor Mental Health
Military and Veteran’s Discount Guide
Caregiver’s Guide to Sleep
Bayview Recovery Center
Fit My Car - Military & First Responder Discount
A Guide to Financial Aid and Scholarships for Veterans
Alcohol and Insomnia Connection
Kitchen Modifications for the Disabled and Elderly
Mann Lake Ag & Bee Supply, Military Discount
Chapters Recovery Center
State Provided Veteran Resources
The New Kratom Standard
Navigating Cancer and Fentanyl Dependence
How to Keep Elderly Loved Ones Safe from Scams
A Guide for Veterans Overcoming Substance Use Disorder
Long Term Care Insurance and How to Avoid Scams
Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect
Mental Health Challenges in College Students & How to Find Help
Benefits for Veterans and Their Caregivers
Find the Best Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center Near You
ROAD iD Veteran and First Responders Discount
Memory Care Resources for Veterans
Overdose Prevention & Harm Reduction
Addiction Recovery During Higher Education
Lung Cancer and Veterans
Guide to Sleep and PTSD
Best Online Guide for College and Graduate Students with Neurodiversity
Cancer Risk of Heavy Alcohol Abuse
Freedom Center Addiction Treatment (Maryland)
Paradigm Teen and Young Adult Mental Health Treatment (New Hampshire)
Study.com Student Scholarships
Veterans in Trucking: Career Guide for Finding Success after Service
Helping Veterans with PTSD (and medical marijuana)
RJ Living Products (Australia) Veteran’s Discount
Veteran’s Guide to Assisted Living and Long Term Care Benefits (2023)
Veterans Transportation Career Guide
Nutrition Counseling in the Treatment of Eating Disorders
Substance Abuse in Healthcare
Online Safety for Seniors: How to Keep Yourself Protected
The Ultimate Internet Safety Guide for Seniors in 2023
Luna Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center
The Ridge, a Residential Program for Teens with Mental Health Needs
Addiction and Divorce
Alcohol Rehab Help
Drug Treatment Programs - Orlando
Path to Recovery Detox
Free By the Sea Drug & Alcohol Recovery Center (Washington State)
Shortridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School (New England) 
Blue Star Addiction Treatment Center (New Jersey)
Inpatient Drug Rehab Center in Northern Illinois
A Guide for Financially Vulnerable Adults - Credit Card Scams
Addiction Recovery Sources in New Jersey
The Essential Health and Wellness Guide for PhD Students
Sleep and Eating Disorders
Residential Drug Treatments
Study.com Scholarship for Military Members & Veterans
Study.com Scholarship for Military Spouse & Children
Guide to Free-Range Farming, Facts, Pros, and Cons
Digital Money for Seniors
20+ Resources Every Veteran Small Business Owner Should Know
Divorce When Substance Abuse is Involved
The Effect of Smoking on Your Teeth, Gums & Oral Health
Stores that Offer Military Discounts
Resources and Support for Older Adults Living Alone
2023’s Top Rehab Centers in Georgia
Grants for Single Moms
Senior Citizens' Guide to Online Safety
Taste Recovery - A Sober Living Search Service
Veteran-Owned Moving Companies
Guide to Auto Loans and Car Buying for Veterans
How to Choose the Best Tech for Your College Career
Agape Treatment Center
Drug and Alcohol Detox in Port St. Lucie, FL
Drug Rehab & Alcohol Detox Cener in Clovis, CA
Principles Recovery Center
Beyond the Brew: Unpacking the Health Benefits of Coffee
Why is Coffee so Important Globally
A Beginner's Guide to Coffee and Espresso Drinks
Difference Between E-commerce and Traditional Retail Accounting
What is Accounting and Why is it Needed for a Company
How to Stop Overthinking Tips and Exercises
7 Best Online Therapy Platforms Reviewed by Mental Health Experts
The Ultimate Guide to Drug Discounts
Help for African-Americans
PTSD Treatment

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